Compounding Pharmacy Services in Seattle WA

What is a compounding pharmacy?

Compounding is when the pharmacist works with the patient and his or her physician to produce a custom-made medication specifically catered to the patient that is not commercially available.

There are many reasons why residents in Seattle might want a compounded prescription. First, many patients are allergic to preservatives or dyes, or need a different strength than what is commercially manufactured. With a physician's prescription, a compounding pharmacy can change the strength of a medication, alter its ingredients and form to make it easier for the patient to ingest, and add flavor to it to make it taste better. Flavoring oral suspensions is especially helpful with children's medications. The pharmacist also can prepare the medication using several unique delivery systems, such as a lozenge, a lollipop, or a transdermal gel. Or, for those patients who are having a difficult time swallowing a capsule, a compounding pharmacy can make a suspension instead.

Compounding pharmaceuticals can be used in veterinary medicine too!

Compounding is also becoming very popular for veterinary medications. If you have a pet, you know what a task giving a pill to a dog or cat can be. We can put medications into tuna juice for cats, or we can compound doses in the form of beef flavored treats for dogs. Rxtra Care View Ridge has even worked with Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, WA to provide medications suited for otters and gorillas! The possibilities are endless with compounding.

Compounders focus on meeting special needs, and we will do whatever it takes to make you and your physician happy with your medication. Contact one of our pharmacy locations for more information!